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Commercial Showreel 2024
Corporate & Narration
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Who Am I?

My name is James Miller. I am a conversational, British, male voice over artist, with a neutral, Midlands accent.

After studying a degree in Popular Music Production, I went on to work as a commercial producer in the radio industry. It was here that I learnt about the world of voice over. I spent the following year learning from some of the UK’s best voice over talent, and found I loved my work most when I was voicing demos to pitch to clients. In 2014, I decided to take the leap into voice over acting. 3 months later I was lucky enough to be selected by Amazon’s Audible, as the voice of their nationwide TV campaign.

Now, my voice can be heard around the world across a wide variety of media formats, most prominently on commercial radio. I also have a wealth of experience working on IVR & on hold, documentaries & narration, e-learning, web video & presentations, corporate, and in-store audio.

I work from my own broadcast quality studio in Beeston, Nottingham, where I do daily sessions with producers around the world, however if you have a studio you’d rather I use, I am more than happy to travel around the country to voice in the studio of your choice.

My free time is usually spent either cycling, or with my studio greyhound, Woody. If you are really here for dog photos, click here.

Why Choose Me?

10 Years Experience

I have been a full-time voice artist since 2014, and have voiced over 6,000 scripts.

Broadcast Quality Audio

My studio is equipped with high end audio gear, and a custom built voice isolation booth.

Same Day Sessions

I understand the need for a fast turnaround, and often have session availability on the same day.

Climate-Friendly Studio

My studio runs on solar power, so when you work with me, you know you are keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.



Voice Over Recording

You can direct me in a live session, or leave it with me, and I can record, edit and deliver both raw and fully produced voice over audio.

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Audio Editing

Got audio you need editing? I can clean up and edit your audio files, so they’re ready to send to your client.

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Audio Production

Need a project producing? As well as having a background in commercial production, I have 5 years experience producing English language courses for Cambridge University Press.


Studio Hire

Need a voice booth? Get in touch to hire my studio and record your audio using broadcast quality gear, in Beeston, Nottingham, UK.

Why use a human voice, and not AI?

In todays digital world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between what’s real, and what’s not.

“Using a real human voiceover for brand communication offers an unparalleled level of authenticity and connection that synthetic voices simply can’t replicate. 

Human voices convey emotion, nuance, and personality in ways that resonate deeply with audiences, fostering trust and building meaningful relationships. 

Whether it’s the warmth of a friendly greeting or the conviction in a persuasive message, real voices carry a natural cadence and intonation that capture attention and convey sincerity. In contrast, synthetic voices may lack the subtle nuances and emotional depth that human voices effortlessly convey, potentially leaving messages feeling flat and impersonal. 

By opting for a real human voiceover, brands can create a genuine and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on their audience.”


Client Testimonials

"I've worked with James on a few occasions, and he has delivered outstanding VO work every time. I find our clients particularly like his down-to-earth and friendly style; Which gives their brand a relatable and welcoming sound, through which they can reach their audience."​
Rick Loynes
Commercial Producer - Bauer
"James is an excellent professional, delivering quality audio with a fast turnaround time. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him for your marketing/on-hold messages."​
Terry Wilson
Producer - Premier Business Audio
"I've used James on radio commercials a number of times since I heard his voiceover showreel. He has a very reassuring and trustworthy voice which has been ideal for the clients I've used him to represent. I'm sure I'll be working with James again on other projects in the future - his showreel demonstrates good versatility."
Rik Watson
Commercial Producer - Bauer
"James has a great voice that is very versatile. We've used him on a whole range of different projects and been really pleased. Not only a great voice but brilliant availability and a fast turnaround which is ideal too. We'd thoroughly recommend using James on your projects, thanks so much :)"
David Woollatt
Producer - Immedia PLC
"Very personable, easy to work with. Quick turnaround time. I've used James for a wide range of commercials, from colleges to garages to insurance, and I often write specifically for his voice. He takes direction very well and is more than happy to work with a client/company/writer in order to get the product right!"
Rich Spalding
Creative Writer - Global
"James is no ordinary voiceover, his individual, standout tone never fails to impress our clients. His quality, style and overall professionalism shines through in every job! He gets the job done, every time, on time!"
Graham Hellis
Clearwave Productions
"James was always very quick to respond to our requests, and he was able to fit in the V/O work for us at short notice and made himself readily available for any further tweaks to the V/O that we needed.
James was friendly, flexible and very helpful. He was a pleasure to work with, particularly because the whole job was done remotely!
Very clear and crisp, good sound production. Got the accent and intonation right very quickly. Good enunciation. We certainly would work with James again if we have any upcoming projects that require a V/O."
Milestone Creative
"We've worked with James on a number of projects. First and foremost, his voice is brilliant, and has the right balance for many of our clients between authority and approachability. We rarely have to add direction, he gets to grips with the script, understands what we're trying to achieve and delivers enough variance and options to give us room to get it right first time. We wish it weren't the case, but often clients want everything yesterday! I can only say James has bent over backwards to accomodate whatever we've thrown at him! We'll be working together long into the future if we have it our way."
James Torry
Doodledo Motion

Looking for a female voiceover?

I’ve worked alongside some amazing FVO’s over the years. If you need a female voice on your project, checkout the links below.

Natalie Miller

Natalie's voice is recognisable across the UK as one of the countries top imaging voiceovers. She has a neutral Southern accent, and is available for daily voiceover sessions from her broadcast studio in Cornwall.

Blanche Anderson

Multi-award winning Blanche Anderson is a Scottish, full-time voiceover artist with a broadcast quality studio. She has neutral Scottish accent and a background in acting.

Abi Phillips

Abi Phillips is a young, Multi Award-Winning, British, female voiceover artist who's been in the business since she was 14. Recording from her broadcast-quality studio, in Hampshire.